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Field Safety Advisor

Posted: Sep 01, 2020

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide support to the project by maintaining a visible presence to the field performing site visits to the entire project at least once per shift, i coordinate with the Project Managers and Safety Manager
  • Support in the day to day operations of the safety department.
  • Coach, mentor, and implement HS&E programs in the field.
  • Assist with company compliance with all applicable legislation and applicable standards.
  • Communicate to management team, supervision, and personnel of any new site safety regulation, safety procedure or client rules that could impact the project.
  • Audit the JHA/JSA for compliance, job scope criteria, and give feedback in areas of improvement.
  • Review and implement the client’s special safety requirements and ensure they are carried out as per the terms of the agreement.
  • Represent the company, customer, and their employees to identify strengths and areas of improvement of knowledge and training of safety in the work environment.
  • Perform safety audits of company crews while on job sites and perform periodic compliance audits as well as BBS
  • Documentation of safety audit findings
  • Correct, document, address all safety items, conditions, or safety concerns that can be corrected while on site. Utilize Stop Work Authority if IDLH to Personnel, Process, Product and or Property are identified.
  • Lead or assist with accident or near miss investigations to determine root cause and corrective actions. Ensure that all accidents and near misses are reported and documented.
  • Immediately stop any work where there is imminent danger.
  • Participate in the safety committee.
  • Ensure that sufficient PPE is available and used appropriately.
  • Ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained, inspected, calibrated, and repaired or put out-of-service as necessary.
  • Ensure that all vehicles are inspected and properly maintained to include ensuring that they have the required safety items stored properly to include fire extinguishers, first aid kit, safety data sheets, accident reporting kits, etc.
  • Confidential information may be visible and/or available due to the nature of the position, this confidential proprietary information and use of this information is for business purposes only.
  • Travel may be required

Sr. EHS Specialist

Posted: Aug 25, 2020

Location Carpinteria, CA

Responsible for the development and execution of the safety and environmental compliance programs. Coordinates and participates in the adherence to all regulatory requirements including, but not limited to, Federal, State, and Local ordinances in relation to chemical hazards & EHS&S compliance. Manages and maintains compliance programs to ensure adherence to regulatory conformity, quality, proper methods, and practices.

Cal/OSHA – Assistant Safety Engineer

Posted: Aug 06, 2020

Come work for Cal/OSHA as an inspector!

Cal/OSHA is hiring Assistant Safety Engineers throughout California. These are field positions that conduct compliance inspections in many different settings and consult with employers on a wide range of health and safety issues.  Cal/OSHA inspectors help improve health and safety conditions in workplaces and make a positive difference in the lives of California workers.